by Bloodstone

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released February 1, 2016


all rights reserved



Bloodstone Singapore

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Track Name: Web Of Lies
Disengaged intellect
Cerebral massacre
Ceaseless relapse
Desolation in effect
Mechanized existence
Consumed by apathy
Imprisoned puppet
Lost in oblivion

Venomous web of lies
A treacherous disguise
Crushed by immense guilt borne
Betrayal you adorn

Perverse fantasies
Shattered by reality
Ferocious denial
Trapped in regression
Pathetic catastrophe
Asphyxiated by fallacy
Perpetuated deceit
Incarcerated for evermore


Solo – Cliff
Solo – Qadir
Solo – Cliff
Solo – Qadir

Track Name: Johnny
Once upon a time there was a tale
It was about the beast that came from hell
A psychopath, he was there to dwell
Johnny, he was born to kill

All them girls that he could find
At twelve he’ll be there for you in time
Ladies prancing about late at night
Lookout! Here comes your fright

He’s quick as lightning doin’ his thing
You helpless bitch no time to scream
Pounce on you and gags your mouth
Binds your body, bag you up
You are left confused
You just don’t know what to do

He takes you home to his dungeon
Ties your limbs to the bed
Ravage you and tastes your skin
You scream in pain but no one hears
You are left wasted
And you don’t know what comes next

Then the ritual carnage will begin
The chainsaw starts the blood fest will take place
All you hear at night are screams of pain
He cuts the torsos and sorts them piece by piece
For them to be devoured
He’ll finish up a soul by the hour
He likes it fresh before the meat turns sour
When he’s left with none
He’ll come out again to kill

He loves the hunt of virgin cunts
Hot young chicks with tasty buns
He’s a nightmare too among the nuns
When he’s here you better run

Don’t ever turn your back
Before you know it, he’ll attack
Chainsaw starts blood will be drained
Cuts the skull to taste the brain
Wedge open your virgin cunts
Then he will rip out your lungs
He loves to taste you raw
For his victims, there’s no tomorrow
Track Name: Curse Of Existence
Eternal hate
The scorn for mankind
Deception and guile
So putrid and vile
Curse of existence
Enslavement dignified
A pawn, a unit
You’re just rank and file

Force fed beliefs, humanity defiled
Worldwide mass mutilation sublime

Crippled by birth
Religious mass brutality
Banished from hell
Eternal purgatory
Curse of existence
Enslavement dignified
Selling lust and greed
For them we sweat and bleed


Solo – Qadir
Solo – Cliff

Track Name: The Bloodhound
Rise of the mountains
The sign of bloody evil
Five nights of holocaust
The monthly savage ritual

Nothing beats the pleasure
The ultimate sensation
Of blood on my steel
As I’m conquering the heavens

You love it and I know it
No need the disguise
Just leave it to the master
Of the sugar and the spice
So please hang in there baby
Somehow you’ll get through
These bad days won’t last
But the bad guys do

Creeping out from underneath
Evil and red
But baby don’t you hesitate
Cos you know I just don’t wait

My love for you is real baby
All month long
I am your natural painkiller
Baby all night long


Solo – Frank Gosdzik

Track Name: Born Nefarious
Malevolence caressing my soul
Black fire engulfed in snow
As I tread on through the night
The ravenous beast within me comes to life

Violet sky, wolves in my sight
The scythe once born never shows any contrite
Sardonic apathy affirms your plight
The blade shall evangelize

Born nefarious
Hate in my veins
Through your demise
Supreme I reign

Gloom entombed in mist and fog with eyes of doom
The northern lights scarlet amidst a bloodied moon
Crimson rays piercing me deep within my skin
Your treachery’s end lies within my grin

Caustic hate, malice pumping through my veins
The omen of abdication I am
Morbid fantasies of your unending agony
The tormentor arises, end of your treachery


I will make you beg for death but no one will hear your cries
A promise to the gods I make as I look up to the sky
Severed and hacked, limb from limb your methodical demise
The last thing you will see, the hell within my eyes

Solo – Cliff
Solo – Qadir

Termination of all your sins in blithe
Cleansed by your blood upon my scythe
Buried by your conceit
Death, you can never cheat
Track Name: The Piledriver
At the sound of the bell
The arena turns wild
Demons from hell
Engulf the skies

The savage fear
Is in your eyes
Head first into the ground
Method of your demise

Rake you in the eyes
A little low blow
Lock you in a hold
And brace yourself for
The Piledriver

I am immoral
I’m a dirty ruthless heel
I am the Devil
Learn my name you will

I got no time for fancy moves
I just paralyze
And the gold on your waist
Shall soon be mine


Solo – Qadir
Solo – Cliff

Track Name: Seeds Of Slavery
Blinded by your greed, you are now deceased
Pleasure that is sick, power for the weak
Moving in a herd, ignorance is bliss
Victimizing all, going for the kill

Misguided, misled and forced to conform
Chained to the circle, now part of the norm

Seeds of slavery
Rooted in the brains of the dead
Mass stupidity
Swallowing the greed of the vain

Sold your soul away to fade in grey
Lost identity, who’s to blame?
Stripped of dignity, the price you pay
Spit on your grave where thousands lay

Solo – Qadir
Solo – Cliff

Weapon of deception, a propagandic tool
A lie told often, manifests as truth
Manipulated sheep, too arrogant to see
That smokescreens conceal intentions to deceive

Decay and decadence will permeate your skin
The lie now consumes the stale air that we breathe

Track Name: I Am Hell
Born of fire, hellacious desire
Ominous grin, with Satan I conspire
Vanquish all virtue, your soul you will sell
Fight and resist, I will never be quelled

Through fire and frost, sin is my bliss
Supreme conqueror, king of the abyss
Ascending from hell, seize all control
And defile your soul

Take you I will and your blood I will purge
Down the inferno through which I emerge
Cleansed in your ashes I take to the sky
I am Hell and Death defined

Hail the pentagram, the Jackal I am
Luciferian might, born to slay the lamb
Veterans of evil, never assuage
Macabre and wrath, slaying rampage

From hell’s domain, through aeons and age
Pillage and punish with catatonic rage
Obsessed with mayhem, in chaos I revel
The dance of the Devil


Solo – Cliff
Solo – Qadir

Tormentor of souls
Majestic and arcane
Blacker than death
The harbinger of pain

Track Name: The Light That Never Came
Solo – Cliff

Walls washed with blood
Sirens resound
Castles besieged
And burnt to the ground

Imagine yourself blind
To the call of war
A fear sunders our senses
To a senseless gore

Awakened to the ashes
Of all your dreams aflame
The dawn promises light
The light that never came

Escalate to our dismay
A life that has lost its way
A constant that rings true
Perpetual state of disarray


Solo – Cliff
Solo – Qadir
Solo – Cliff

Track Name: F.T.W
Solo – Cliff

Kill the preachers
Which manmade god do you obey?
Destroy them all
With those pretentious clerics

Fuck the wars
They’re all human greed
Kill ‘em politicians
Let them bleed

Fuck the world

Fuck the army
Crush the police
Fuck the Nazis
Kill ‘em commies

Fuck your karma
It’s all bullshit
“Hang the pope”
He makes me sick


Solo – Cliff
Solo – Qadir


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